• Welcome to the New York State Military Museum

    Welcome to the New York State Military Museum

    The mission of the museum and research center is to preserve, interpret and disseminate the story, history and records of New York State’s military forces and veterans.

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  • Sherman Tank Returns!

    Sherman Tank Returns!

    Our Sherman Tank returns to the NYS Military Museum from Fort Drum after a year long restoration, to it's permanent exhibit spot.

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  • CIVIL WAR PAINTINGS | October 2015

    CIVIL WAR PAINTINGS | October 2015

    This exhibit will highlight some of the finest Civil War artwork from the collection of the Military Museum on a rotating basis. Click for more details...

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    The exhibit features a dazzling array of militia and National Guard distinctive unit dress uniforms, ballot boxes and decorative bronze trophies that interpret the social organization of the National Guard, original artifacts from the USS Maine, and a carronade captured during the 1857 Dead Rabbits Riot in New York City.

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  • Battleground for Freedom

    Battleground for Freedom

    No less than 120 military engagements occurred on New York soil, more than in any other state, ranging in scale and significance from the decisive Battle of Saratoga to numerous bitter skirmishes and ruthless raids that raged throughout the frontier settlements...

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  • Some Great Past Exhibits

    Some Great Past Exhibits

Welcome to the New York State Military Museum

The mission of Friends is to be a support to the museum, to aid in fund raising for exhibits and displays, as well as assisting in drawing attention to the museum through programs, lectures and events. As the board of trustees, we are the elected board which helps direct the membership to facilitate the support mission of the non profit group.

Trivia Night Returns | Annual Event

On Friday, November 6th, the Friends of the New York State Military Museum will hold their second annual “Trivia Night” fundraiser from 5:30pm to 9:30pm at the New York State Military Museum. Proceeds from this event helps the museum to set-up new exhibits at the museum, and hold presentations and book signings.

Last Year, over 120 eager Trivia Night contestants from 20 different businesses or offices signed up to win prizes from the Saratoga National Golf Club, tickets to the Lake George Cruise Line or round trip tickets on the Saratoga North Creek Railway, along with tickets to the Gore Mountain Ski Resort.

The winner of the Contest after several spirited rounds of trivia questions went to First Prize -Butler/Rowland/Mays Architects, Second Prize-John Franck group, and Third Prize-Empire State College.

Dinner again will be donated by Panza’s Restaurant from Saratoga Lake to honor their father – Corporal Andrew Panza, who served during World War II.

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  • Did Your Ancestor Fight at Saratoga? You Can Check!

    Historical Articles | by G. William Glidden, MAJOR ( R ) NYARNG

    Descendants of Revolutionary War soldiers who fought in one of history’s most important battles can now find their American ancestors in a computer database, and some day they might be guided by GPS to the exact spots where their relatives faced musket fire, cannon barrages and bayonet charges. History buffs spent 12 years gleaning information from 200-year-old military documents to assemble the list of thousands who participated in the Battles of Saratoga. The database, recently unveiled at Saratoga National Historical Park, contains the names of about 15,000 of the more than 17,000 soldiers of the Continental Army and various state militias who defeated the British here in 1777.

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  • Union Forces Advance Across the Deep South | The American Civil War - 150 Years Later

    Historical Articles
    by G. William Glidden, MAJOR ( R ) NYARNG
    North Country Historian, NYS Military Museum
    Registered Historian, Assoc. of Public Historians

    By the beginning of October 1864, General William Sherman proposed to General Ulysses S. Grant that he would march his main army from Atlanta to Savannah, Georgia. Sherman intended the march to be a giant raid against the war resources of Georgia. He planned to destroy railroads, mills and factories along the route. Troops would be picked for the raid based on their fitness and experience. Sherman would authorize them to forage liberally and live off the land as they proceeded to Savannah. The destruction whether authorized or irregular was enormous along a route 60 miles wide and 300 miles long. It would take 80 years for Georgia to recover. Grant, with some hesitation, approved the plan ten days later.

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  • Heavy History: Restored ‘Sherman’ tank returns to Military Museum

    September 15, 2015 | Saratoga Springs | Published by Paul Post, The Saratogian

    SARATOGA SPRINGS >> The biggest, heaviest armament in the New York State Military Museum’s collection rolled into place Tuesday with the arrival of a newly-restored World War II-era “Sherman” tank.

    The 30-ton weapon is on permanent display after being worked on by soldiers at Fort Drum.

    This particular M4A3 tank’s history isn’t known, but ones like it were used in Italy and Central Europe including some of World War II’s most decisive engagements including D-Day and the Battle of the Bulge.

    “It’s awesome that it’s sitting here and I had something to do with it,” said National Guardsman Jonathan Bishop, a veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The tank was previously located in Carthage, Jefferson County, before coming to the military museum where it sat outside in storage for nearly a decade. Two years ago, it was taken to Fort Drum where soldiers painstakingly restored it to its original condition.

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  • The Jagerkorps in New York

    Museum News | July 30, 2015

    Throughout the campaigns of 1776 and 1777, the Jagerkorps played an important role in helping to turn the tides of various skirmishes and battles. On numerous occasions, they showed a great deal of skill and valor making a point to do all they could to either win the day or keep defeat from turning into disaster.

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  • Koziol Hired as Curator at Military Museum

    NYS Military Museum | June 24, 2015

    The New York State Military Museum has hired a new Museum Curator to fill the position previously occupied by Courtney Burns, who was appointed to be Director of Military History at our museum in 2014.

    Mark Koziol comes to us from the Watervliet Arsenal where he was the Museum Specialist there up to the time the Museum closed.

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